A Time to Educate on Earth Day

By Matt Ellis

Earth_day_photo_3.175155957_stdEarth Day is a great time for the AffinEco companies to remind people that green cleaning not only keeps the planet healthier; it also keeps the people who work in office buildings healthier. This year, United Services of America took part in two local Earth Day events on behalf of clients GE Capital and Cartus.

Sam Rodriguez and Jorge Jimenez greeted visitors at the United Services information table and explained how the AffinEco companies utilize state-of-the-art green cleaning products and procedures in all the buildings they service.

“We were delighted that United Services could join us and display their Earth-friendly products this year,” said Linda Sonner, Facilities Manager at Cartus, which marked 10 years of Earth Day events in 2013. “Thank you for helping us gain support for sustainable practices and developing Earth-friendly values.”

It’s estimated 12% of work-related asthma cases are attributed to the use of harsh chemicals in the workplace. According to United Services President Paul Senecal, events like these are an important opportunity to educate the employees who work in the buildings United serves.

“When we can explain how the products we use help alleviate allergies and provide a healthier work environment, we find people really appreciate knowing. It’s good for us and for our customers,” said Senecal.

“We are thrilled that United Services is using green cleaning materials and techniques wherever possible, which is making our work areas fresher, cleaner and more free of allergens and toxins.  Thank you for all that you are doing to help make GE Capital Treasury a safe and clean place in which to work,” said William Adler, Communications Leader for GE Capital Treasury and long-time client of United Services.