AffinEco Promotes Sustainable Day Cleaning Revolution

By Sue Minichiello

AffinEco is once again expanding its arsenal of programs and services that help businesses and buildings reduce their carbon footprint and cut energy costs. In June 2011, three AffinEco staff members traveled to Chicago to participate in a trailblazing course that could transform the future of the company’s cleaning services.

The Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) Day training certification program provides Building Service Contractors (BSCs) with essential Day Cleaning tools and strategies. The program offered by Diversey—a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions—is designed and administered by industry experts. It enables BSCs not only to deliver a real and sustainable impact on client facilities but also to boost staff productivity and satisfaction while reducing clients’ operating costs. The main principles of Day Cleaning include the “Three P’s”: People, Planet and Profit. People are happier at work—both building occupants and cleaning staff; Planet is better with decreased energy usage; Profit is increased through client savings.

According to BOMA, 25% of the weekly lighting used in traditional large facilities is solely for after-work cleaning and maintenance, representing about 7% of the total energy used in such buildings. By adopting a Day Cleaning program, some larger facilities have saved as much as $100,000 per year according to CM Management magazine. Diversey says that asset managers note a 4 to 8% cost savings on average once the HHPC Day program is integrated. What’s more, there are inherent customer service and relationship benefits.

United Services Vice President and General Manager Carlos Cancel attended the HHPC Day training program and is now a HHPC Day Certified Expert. “The program showed us how to improve customer service and increase environmental responsibility to help create sustainable and healthy workplaces,” said Cancel. “With HHPC Day, we can provide our customers with financial savings while also providing a more personal cleaning service, and we can inspire our own staff to be even more productive. They’ll become more invested and proud of what they do on a daily basis as they realize how it impacts the world around them and truly makes a difference.”

Since, as the phrase implies, Day Cleaning is an approach through which the majority of cleaning and maintenance services are conducted during a building’s regular hours of operation as opposed to at night, cleaning staff have more interaction with building occupants and can respond to tenant issues as they arise throughout the day.

Typically, Day Cleaning workers begin their days just before most building occupants arrive and can clean areas like lobbies, restrooms, hallways and even some offices. During regular hours, one male and one female worker can restock and touch up restrooms when they are not in use. Also, workers can clean entryways and break rooms. Additional crews can arrive after lunch to clean dining and food preparation areas and manage other customized cooperative tasks. For example, establishing a system for tenants to place trash outside their offices or cubicle walls means crews can empty trash without interrupting the employees; “wet” trash (food and beverages) and recycling can be centralized to reduce the time spent picking up at the end of the day.

“We can’t eliminate all nighttime tasks, like vacuuming and mopping,” Cancel said, “but we can reduce night hours significantly—even cut them in half in some cases—so buildings can shut down lights and heating and cooling systems much earlier, reducing energy costs and increasing sustainability.”

Both existing and new clients can benefit from AffinEco’s Day Cleaning services. For existing clients, AffinEco can evaluate current cleaning practices and project estimated energy and cost savings that will result from a transition to Day Cleaning. For prospective new clients, Day Cleaning is now a routine part of AffinEco’s RFPs and bids, so potential customers can see how much they could save and the positive impact they could have on the environment. In either case, tenant education is an essential part of the process. AffinEco can access a library of materials to assist facility managers and building owners with in-house communications so that occupants understand what Day Cleaning is, how it will work, its benefits and so on. And, because HHPC Day is completely customizable, all plans and messages can be tailored to individual facilities.

It’s no secret that AffinEco has been on the leading edge of green cleaning solutions for years, implementing green cleaning products and equipment wherever possible. By adding Day Cleaning services, the company is taking green cleaning to a whole new level and is now able to offer a complete package that maximizes sustainability and corporate social responsibility while also reducing costs.

You can read more about Day Cleaning as a cost- and energy-saving option for your building online. For PMI, click here. For United, click here. Or you can just contact your AffinEco representative.