AffinEco Recognizes Hytmer Hernandes as Employee of the Month

By Matt Ellis

One of the toughest challenges facing a company in growth mode is hiring. For service companies like AffinEco, the challenge is made greater by the need to ensure all employees have the necessary paperwork and that it is filed properly in accordance with federal requirements.

As Operations/Special Projects Manager for the AffinEco Companies of United Services and Premier Maintenance, Hytmer Hernandez is the point person for all employee compliance issues and is responsible for the data and records of 1,200 active employees and approximately 700 inactive employees. Hytmer also ensures AffinEco employees are up to date with their safety training by preparing and implementing periodic safety meetings in accordance with requirements established by OSHA and insurance industry standards.

“Hytmer has proven to be an important link in the field. He has improved efficiency and maintains regulatory compliance in all aspects of the business,” said Mario Tarantino, AffinEco’s Chief Administrative Officer. “He is helping us manage the challenges that come with a growing company.”

Hernandez has been with AffinEco since December 2010; prior to that he worked for Colin Service Systems where he first met Tarantino and United Services President Paul Senecal. It was while working for Colin that Hernandez learned the rules surrounding employment applications and federal I-9 forms. He recognizes the importance of properly maintained records.

“If your files are not in order and you are audited by the government, the associated fines for non-compliance could prove crippling for a company. Many people don’t understand the rules or don’t take them seriously, and that’s when you can get in trouble,” Hernandez said.

In late 2011, United Services secured a new contract with a major manufacturer in North Andover, Massachusetts. The contract required United Services to add 15 workers within a 12-hour window to get the job done. Tarantino says Hernandez was able to pre-schedule the interviews and fully process the staff in one day because he had the systems in place to do so.

“We have the flexibility to mobilize and launch an operation anytime just like we did in North Andover,” said Hernandez.

“I knew when we hired Hytmer that he had the necessary skills to manage our compliance program. I also knew that there is nothing like a marine to get things done,” said Senecal.

Hernandez says he loves his job and, in particular, appreciates the opportunity to utilize skills he has learned throughout his career to benefit the AffinEco Companies.

“It gives me great satisfaction to put this knowledge to work for Paul [Senecal] and Michael [Diamond],” said Hernandez. “I look forward to being a greater resource to both United and Premier clients going forward.”

Hernandez lives in Port Chester, NY. He has two daughters who live in Puerto Rico who, he says, are the most important things in his life.