AffinEco Recognizes Jaime Perez as Employee of the Month

By Susan Minichiello

IMAG0138.11690712_stdJaime Perez joined the AffinEco family eight years ago as a cleaner in special services for Premier Maintenance, doing day jobs wherever he was needed in Connecticut. In addition to the special day jobs, he began supervising night crews in four buildings in Farmington in the summer of 2007. In 2010, he was promoted to the role of area supervisor and now oversees 13 buildings Farmington, West Hartford, Avon and Plainville. Prior to joining PMI, Jaime worked for two other cleaning companies. In total, he has worked in the cleaning industry for about 12 years. According to his supervisor, Sandino Cifuentes, Jaime has become an integral part of the Premier team.

“Jaime is my right hand out there in the field. He knows the kind of work I expect and how I run things,” says Sandino, Premier Maintenance Hartford Area Manager. “No matter what kind of job comes–big or small–I can call Jaime, and he will take care of it. He does it on time and he does it right. Plus he tackles every job with a great attitude and professionalism.”

Recently, Jaime proved his value to the company once again when he helped to establish services for a new client in a highly shortened time frame. The Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford needed a new cleaning services provider quickly: The contractor they had was going out of business. Premier made a presentation to the School on March 23 and was awarded the contract that same day with an official start date of April 1. With just a week to set up services, Sandino turned to Jaime to help organize the project.

Jaime, Sandino and other Premier staff members worked tirelessly to get everything in order, including taking on six workers from the previous contractor and making eight new hires. Jaime even worked through the weekend securing the necessary supplies and equipment to stock the closets in eight campus buildings so that the team could hit the ground running on the first Monday of the contract. He helped the new team to work through some initial hitches, which led to the client sending emails about their satisfaction with the transition.

“Jaime has been instrumental in this process and made the transition a smooth one, especially considering the very short turnaround,” Sandino says. “In addition to all of his organization, Jaime had taken a young man under his wing about five months ago and brought him on board for this new customer. I’ve been so impressed with this young man that I offered him the position of supervisor at Kingswood Oxford. This is just one of the many ways Jaime contributes to the company—from customer service to special services to providing me with this great new supervisor.”

Jaime truly enjoys his job, both working for Premier and with the company’s clients. He feels he has a good relationship with his crews and with Premier management. “I love my job even though it’s hard sometimes,” he says. “When I get calls from the customers, I fix the issues right away so I don’t let them get upset. I’m happy when the customers are happy.” Jaime enjoys working under Sandino and appreciates the camaraderie they have developed over the years.

Sandino agrees, “After all these years, Jaime is my friend. He doesn’t work for me; he works with me. It may sound corny, but that’s how we see it. We are friends who work together. I trust him and I’d do anything for him.”