Affineco Takes Team Building to the Next Level

By Matt Ellis

One of AffinEco’s core principles is collaboration. Another is communication. As the company has grown and prospered, it’s invested more time and money into leadership training and team building. It’s not just a benefit to employees, it’s also good business.

“Happy people create positive results for their company and for their customers,” said Managing Partner Paul Senecal. “We are always working to create a place where people love coming to work.”

Four years ago, AffinEco partnered with the Handel Group, a corporate consulting firm that provides a strong focus on personal and organizational integrity. Recently, Handel Group Partner and Corporate Division President Shir Nir and Corporate Division Vice President Will Craig led a day-long team-building session for AffinEco’s leadership team.

What made this session truly special was that, for the first time, it also included AffinEco’s Board of Advisors.

“There was a great energy in the room and people talked about the importance of collaboration and teamwork,” said Bob Hartt, principal of Hartt Realty Advisors and a member of the AffinEco board. “It was a great step forward in terms the awareness that’s needed to build a great company.”

For most of the session, participants worked in small groups that each comprised a board member, a C-level executive, a branch manager and an AffinEco employee who was invited to participate because he or she had demonstrated leadership potential.

According to Managing Partner Michael Diamond, the organization benefits when new voices are added to the mix, particularly now as the company is working on a new vision statement, which Diamond says is built on the principles of communication and collaboration.

“We were extremely pleased with the level of enthusiasm our people demonstrated. We wanted to create a format where we could collaborate and build upon our efforts to create an environment where everyone can flourish,” said Diamond.

“We want to have a culture where people feel like they are all rowing in the same direction,” said Senecal, noting the precision that crew teams exhibit.

“We operate from the basic beliefs that the most important thing to any company is its people, that people are happiest at work when they feel inspired, and that happy people equal positive results,” Craig said. “Only when everyone at a company is tapping his or her fullest potential can the targeted results be achieved.”

Even though AffinEco’s leadership team holds extensive experience in commercial cleaning and maintenance, Diamond and Senecal are committed to developing new leaders who can carry out the company’s mission for years to come. Those leaders need to demonstrate the same sense of integrity and commitment to accountability.

Through the training and behind-the-scenes work that’s already been done, AffinEco has strengthened its workplace culture and created a quantifiable benefit for its customers.

“In fact, we have one client who thanks us for making him look good because he gets credit from his company for how well he manages us as a vendor. It’s a metric on which he is graded,” said Senecal.

At AffinEco, workers are performing to a higher standard and accepting a greater level of responsibility for their jobs; and customers are happy because their buildings are clean and well maintained. It’s called a win-win.