AffinEco Taps New Technology to Improve Service

By Matt Ellis

mobile-communication.8130427_stdLong before smartphones were everywhere, field supervisors for the AffinEco companies of Premier Maintenance, United Services and Melillo were using handheld devices to inspect worksites and provide detailed reports that would land on the desks of building managers in time for them to review with their morning coffee. Early adoption of PDAs—or personal digital assistants—meant AffinEco staff could gather data that helped them better manage field operations and customer service.

Today, handheld devices are more sophisticated and more service providers have learned how to gather and utilize data. But AffinEco remains a leader in the field—always looking for new ways to use technology to improve efficiencies, keep employees engaged and keep customers happy.

“When we do inspections, we set the criteria with the customer, we record the scores and we review the history to see the trends. That way we can correct any deficiencies right away,” according to AffinEco Managing Partner Michael Diamond.

At the recent BSCAI Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Diamond, Managing Partner Paul Senecal and other members of the AffinEco leadership team attended numerous educational forums and scoured the trade show floor for information about new software and applications that can help keep them ahead of the technology curve.

Among the new efficiency and productivity tools the AffinEco team will apply to the business is a new field inspection software package designed to improve how data is collected and shared.

“That’s something we want to expand even further, so we have the chance to track quality scores and review them with the client as often as necessary,” said Diamond. The new software works on IOS and Android devices—a definite step up from the Palm Pilots AffinEco managers were using in the early 2000s.

And, even as technology has improved, so has the marketplace for green chemicals, the use of which has been standard for all AffinEco jobs for more than a decade. Recently, the company chose Spartan Chemical as its new provider. Spartan has a “Green Solutions” line among its multiple chemical offerings as well as a robust training system called “Cleancheck.”

“The company has online training tools available to us that are built into their costs, so we can certify that cleaners get the proper training before they take these chemicals in the field.”

Diamond says because of the rapid changes in technology and chemistry, cleaning and maintenance companies can’t afford to sit back, wait and watch how new tools are implemented in the field. AffinEco is constantly adapting to industry changes, taking the lead on using technology to improve workflow and analyzing data to improve quality.

“We are always looking at ways we can understand the business even better. That gives us the edge and it gives our customers superior service and attention.”