AffinEco’s Growth Tied to its Most Valuable Commodity

By Matt Ellis

Relationship_BuildingIt was the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties,” and that fact may be what’s really behind AffinEco’s continued robust growth, especially in its newest market. Because relationships are the commodity AffinEco Managing Partners Michael Diamond and Paul Senecal find most valuable to their business, the company’s management team nurtures and maintains relationships with building owners and managers across their five-state footprint–ensuring the company has the opportunity to demonstrate why it is a superior building services provider.

One example of this strategy can be found in Boston where United Services, AffinEco’s division in Massachusetts, has a portfolio of more than three million square feet of office space under contract and has become the company’s second largest market. Recently, a long-time contact of United General Manager Nolan Macario took a position with the real estate firm Rockhill Management. United already serviced a building that Rockhill had in its portfolio–a 32-story tower at 100 High Street with over one-half million square feet in Boston’s Financial District–and when the contract to service another Rockhill building in Downtown Boston was put out to bid, Macario was optimistic.

“We have a great relationship with the Director of Property Management for Rockhill, and he knew the kind of work we perform every day from his years managing One Beacon Street, which was one of the first buildings we secured when we expanded into Boston,” Macario said. “So when the opportunity came up for 99 Summer Street, we went for it.”

Since landing the contract, United has added a senior-level person to help manage the growth and, in Macario’s words, “over-deliver on the account.” Because 99 Summer Street is a union worksite, United maintained the existing building staff, but has been working closely with its supervisors to institute the company’s Green Cleaning programs and utilize AffinEco’s different technology platforms to manage quality control.

“Customers see we are actively involved managing the services at our buildings. We are dedicated and innovative, and that enables us to provide outstanding service and value at competitive prices,” said AffinEco Managing Partner Michael Diamond. In addition to the growth in Boston, Diamond said, the company’s Premier Maintenance division recently won new contracts in Connecticut partly as a result of the existing relationships it has with large property management groups.

“On June 1, we started our contract with 100 West Putnam Street in Greenwich, a property managed by CBRE. They are one of our largest customers and they recognize our track record of success,” Diamond said.

In fact, 2017 represents a new high-water mark for AffinEco. According to Diamond, the company now has “more square footage under agreement than ever before.” That includes three new buildings in Stamford owned by Building Land Technology: 2200 Atlantic Avenue, 100 Washington Boulevard and 1 Elmcroft Road, making AffinEco one of the largest service providers in the city.

And, even as the company expands its footprint, it continues to find ways to add value to its customers. According to Diamond, AffinEco’s affiliation with a buying group, National Service Alliance, allows them to pass on savings on paper products, equipment and chemicals.

It is these innovations, coupled with the company’s focus on ensuring all clients are highly satisfied, that enables AffinEco to continue nurturing those relationships–and building them into the strongest ties.

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