AffinEco’s New Year Off to Roaring Start

By Sue Minichiello

With each New Year comes new opportunities, and AffinEco has wasted no time answering the “knock.” Due largely to an irrefutable record of excellent service and a tradition of superior green cleaning standards, United Services and Premier Maintenance–divisions of AffinEco–have secured exciting and valuable new contracts for 2013 and beyond. While the company is excited about the new contracts, it recognizes that today’s highly competitive marketplace leads some clients to have a greater expectation of confidentiality. For that reason, the specific building locations and property managers are not being identified.

TV Production Facility

United Services recently secured a contract to provide cleaning and maintenance services at a television production facility in Stamford, Connecticut. The property houses both production facilities and administrative offices.

In the fall of 2012, the property managers reached out to United to provide limited services during a remodeling phase. United later submitted a bid to provide ongoing cleaning and maintenance services and, as a result of the quality of its prior work and competitive pricing, it was awarded the contract with a start date in January 2013.

United’s work at the site involves cleaning studios–including control room consoles and other gear with special requirements–along with green rooms, editing suites, office space and a mezzanine area. The AffinEco division is incorporating its green cleaning practices throughout the property.

“We’re proud to have landed such a demanding contract based on our prior good work, outstanding green cleaning practices and cost-effective rates,” said United Vice President and General Manager Jorge Jimenez. “This is a 7-days a week, 365-days a year operation, so we’re supplying day cleaners, night cleaners and weekend cleaners to ensure a consistent, high level of service.”

Over the past year, United has invested resources and dedicated a management team to developing new business in the Greater Boston market, and the results are proving fruitful.

Commercial Buildings

In January, United took over services at two connected commercial buildings along Boston’s Route 128 Corridor. The suburban, multi-tenant office buildings comprise a total of nearly 390,000 square feet. United had already been servicing another property run by the same management company, when the opportunity arose to submit a proposal to provide cleaning and maintenance services at the Route 128 Corridor buildings. United was awarded the contract and began the job on January 14, 2013. The AffinEco division staffs day porters and night cleaners, and carries out all of its typical green cleaning services. AffinEco Chief Operating Officer Aramis Cordal supervises the building.

Office Tower

At the end of 2012, United secured the contract for a 400,000 square-foot multi-tenant office tower in Boston’s Central Business District. Similar to the situation with the 128 Corridor buildings, when the property management company was looking for a new facility services provider for this property, it asked United to submit a proposal. Again, United won the contract and began providing services on December 1, 2012, managing day porters and night cleaners and employing green cleaning practices. Aramis Cordal, COO oversees the United staff at this location.

“Our clients in the Greater Boston area have been impressed with the quality of our management team and the number of people we’ve dedicated to developing and sustaining our business in this region. They’re also very pleased with the actual services our staff are providing,” Cordal said. “We feel confident and believe there is a strong potential for continuing to grow our business in this territory.”

In Connecticut, Premier Maintenance has developed new residential cleaning and maintenance programs that are quickly expanding.

Class-A Residential Properties

At the end of 2012, Premier began providing cleaning and maintenance services at several residential properties in Hartford and New Haven. The division added three more residential properties at the beginning of February. All of the properties are classified as high-end condominium developments.

A former client alerted Premier to the bid process, and the division quickly assembled thorough and competitive proposals highlighting its CIMS and CIMS-GB certifications, green cleaning services, advanced use of technology, reputation in the market and more.

“I’m extremely excited about this new business, especially since it’s grown from word of mouth without marketing,” said AffinEco Senior Vice President of Operations Frank Cepero. “Every time one of our customers changes jobs, they bring us with them to their new company. It’s just a matter of exceeding their expectations and delivering excellent service.”

According to Cepero, the number one reason Premier won the bids was the company’s CIMS and CIMS-GB certifications. The CIMS certification attests that AffinEco adheres to rigorous standards that reduce costs and boost efficiency–from quality systems and service delivery to HR practices to health, safety and environmental criteria. The CIMS-GB certification further validates the company’s commitment to incorporating sustainable processes such as less water and energy usage.

It’s important to note that AffinEco’s residential services are available throughout the state of Connecticut and in parts of New York State. The company provides day porters who perform day cleaning of all common areas, carpet shampooing, apartment turnovers, light maintenance (such as painting) and light plumbing (such as clearing drains). All such services adhere to AffinEco’s strict green cleaning standards and practices. In New York, concierge services are also available.

“I am very pleased about the new business we have closed this year already and excited about the opportunities we have to grow our business in a sustainable way,” said Paul Senecal. “We have an extremely committed management team and a very ‘deep bench.’ Those two factors combined support sustainable growth.”