Company Profile

bellAffinEco was created with the vision to build a strong company that partners with clients to provide efficient, high-quality, reliable services.  Our clients are our priority and as a result we are constantly searching for and implementing new technologies to make our teams more productive and streamline the process so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Our company is comprised of Premier Maintenance (PMI), United Services of America (USA), Melillo Maintenance (MMI), and related ownership with Premier Maid Service (PMS).

Our Story

Bridgeport AffinEco Office

AffinEco is the evolution of several prominent and long standing, service companies that merged into a multi-faceted organization built to consistently provide clients impeccable results.

Founded in Norwalk, CT in 1966, Premier Maintenance Inc. (PMI) expanded operations into new Connecticut markets in 1973; then expanded into New York and New Jersey in 1994.

In 2002, Michael Diamond of PMI partnered with industry insider Paul Senecal, owner of United Services of America, Inc. (USA).  Both PMI and USA continued to grow within their markets.  In 2008, United Services of America merged with Melillo Maintenance (MMI).

In 2011, United Services of America (AffinEco Company) opened its Boston office and has experienced significant growth in the market place.

In 2012, AffinEco was formed by merging all three entities together.  We moved our corporate headquarters to Bridgeport, CT, and maintain branches in New York, Stamford, Bridgeport, Milford, Hartford and Boston.

AffinEco’s 1800 employees are proud to provide customer-focused service for more than 600 accounts.