Determination on Display in Boston

By Matt Ellis

121-Seaport-Blvd-BostonAmong the dictionary definitions of “determination” is, a firmness of purpose or resolve, and that is exactly the description that fits AffinEco’s Boston office. The company has developed a strong presence in this super-hot real estate market, a result of determination and a reputation for good work. Three new large accounts are kicking off Q1 2019. One of those is a former customer that has come back into the fold; another is in the portfolio of one of AffinEco’s largest customers. “It is a very exciting time,” said Vice President Nolan Macario, who heads up the Boston office.

Just before Christmas, AffinEco learned that a major commercial property in the Seaport District was inviting bids from building service contractors around Boston. “We got the RFP at Christmas and had to turn it around in five days,” Macario said. “We found out a week later we got it and started right away.”

The property at 121 Seaport Boulevard is a 17-story, 450,000 square-foot tower in what has become one of Boston’s most desirable neighborhoods. Its elliptical design means the building gets less direct solar exposure and uses 15 percent less energy. That helped it earn LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

AffinEco already cleans 101 Seaport, which, like 121, was developed by Skanska.

“We’ve done a really good job [at 101 Seaport], and Skanska recommended us,” Macario said. “It’s awesome. We are thrilled to take over another property in the Seaport and hope to keep adding more.”

That kind of determination is a major reason AffinEco was invited back last month to service a three-building, 600,000 square-foot property in Cambridge, Mass. The complex at 100/125/150 CambridgePark Drive is owned by Longfellow Real Estate Partners and was an AffinEco client for two years, but the company was bumped during a change in building management.

“We did a good job at the time. It went out to bid and they hired another company, but they did not perform well and the building went out to bid again,” said Macario. “We were able to provide a good price and they hired us again. The tenants are happy to have us back.”

AffinEco resumed at 100/125/150 CambridgePark Drive on February 1. Because they use union labor to service these buildings, AffinEco kept the existing staff when they took over a property, but installed AffinEco supervisors to manage the job. Macario said the crew was also pleased to be back in their employ.

“The janitors like working for our company. The union tells us that our employees speak highly about our company and our management team,” said AffinEco Managing Partner Paul Senecal, who noted AffinEco recently added another area manager to handle the growth in the Boston office. Alfredo Pena is now the fourth area manager reporting to Macario.

Just this month, AffinEco began operations at 177 Huntington Avenue, a 16-story tower designed by the famed architect I.M. Pei and built in 1973 as part of the Christian Science Church’s Boston headquarters. The tower is 200,000 square feet and is managed by CBRE New England, one of AffinEco’s largest customers in the region

“We are very happy they’ve selected us for more buildings. It tells us they are happy with the work we do,” said Macario, who is determined to grab an even bigger piece of the building services pie in a growing Boston market.

image courtesy of Skanska