Employee Spotlight: Aida Oliveras, Francisco Reyes & Aida Maldonado

By Sue Minichiello

Every time you tune into or read the news, stories of bad behavior abound. It’s enough to make you cynical about the entire human race. At AffinEco, however, management has noticed a workforce trend that defies this perception: The company’s employees continuously and consistently do the right thing, revealing an ingrained code of honesty and credibility that any employer would be proud to behold.

Aida Oliveras

Aida_Oliveras_photo.86130827_stdEmployee Aida Oliveras found two rings while cleaning a restroom at Bridges Milford, a nonprofit organization providing behavioral and healthcare services to area residents facing mental health issues, addiction and other challenges. Aida immediately turned in the rings to the office of Property Manager Pat Violette.

Pat emailed Premier Maintenance Norwalk Area Manager Wayne Cullen and AffinEco Senior Vice President of Operation Frank Cepero, saying, “Last night your crew found two rings in one of the bathrooms and left them in my office. I just wanted you to let them know how grateful we are. The person who lost them was frantic and was so appreciative when we called her.”

Aida told her supervisor that, as soon as she found the rings, her only thought was to turn them in. It never entered her mind to do anything else. She explained that it was simply a matter of how she was raised: to know right from wrong and to always be honest and truthful.

Francisco Reyes

Francisco2_resized.86130924_stdFrancisco Reyes is a night cleaner at Woodland Women’s Health Associates in Avon, Connecticut. While cleaning a doctor’s office at the clinic, he discovered a wallet on the floor. He instinctively picked it up and placed it on the doctor’s desk. After finding the recovered wallet on her desk, the doctor went out of her way the next night to personally thank Francisco for his integrity and good deed. She was very grateful to have her wallet back with the all of its contents—money, ID and other personal documents—intact.

According to his bosses, Francisco doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary about his behavior and actions in this instance. “For him, it’s not a big deal at all, and he doesn’t understand why we’re making a fuss about it,” said Hartford Area Manager Sandino Cifuentes. “That’s just the kind of person Francisco is, the kind of worker he is. We’re lucky to have such a dedicated and honest employee.”

Ana Maldonado

Ana_Maldonado_photo.86131101_stdAna Maldonado is a night cleaner in the Priceline.com offices of the RiverPark building at 800 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. While vacuuming one Friday night, she noticed an earring on the carpet that appeared to be an expensive piece of jewelry. Ana picked up the earring and placed it on the nearest desk.

Priceline.com Director of Air Operations Roberta Farrell realized over the weekend that her earring was missing, but she had no idea where it might be. When she returned to her office on Monday to find the missing piece of jewelry, she was very relieved and grateful.

In an email to her facility manager, Roberta wrote, “I lost a very expensive earring on Friday and found it on my desk when I came in today. I had no idea I had lost it at work and am so thankful to the cleaning staff for finding it buried somewhere in the carpet and, in turn, returning it to me. They’ve always done a great job when working in my office, but now they’ve really outdone themselves!”

For her part, Ana said that keeping the earring never even crossed her mind because her parents raised her to be an honest and hard-working woman. Ana hopes her actions reinforce the trust AffinEco has placed in her. She also told her supervisor that if she lost something of value, she would hope others would act just as she did.

Culture of Integrity

These are just a few examples of the countless acts of honesty continually performed by AffinEco employees.

“It’s rewarding to see how our employees have embraced our culture of partnering with customers and treating their property as our own,” said AffinEco Senior Vice President of Operations Frank Cepero. “Every time a piece of jewelry, a wallet or, in some cases, even cash is returned to a customer I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.”