Employee Spotlight: Brenda Yaneth Diaz

By Bill Barnhart

Brenda Diaz photoBrenda Diaz is easy to like. Four years ago, the 42-year-old night porter lost her apartment when it was destroyed by fire. She was such a beloved employee, that the company she worked for at the time took up a generous collection of money and clothing to help her get back on her feet.

Oscar Vasquez, who now supervises Diaz at AffinEco, also worked for a different company back then and knew Diaz. He was impressed with the show of support she received in her time of need.

“She was helped right away,” said Vasquez. “There were a lot of clothes donated, as well as cash and appliances, due to the fact that she had lost everything that day.”

Fast forward to April 2018.

Vasquez hired and now supervises Diaz, who works at 100 West Putnam Ave. in Greenwich, CT. While gathering up the trash one day, she came across a wad of crumpled-up money. Without flinching and not even sure how much money was there, she told the front desk clerk, who seemed surprised Diaz hadn’t just pocketed the cash.

As Vasquez remembers, “This guy picks up the money and had one question: ‘Why did you do that?’” Diaz had a simple response, “It belongs to someone else, and my values don’t let me grab something that isn’t mine.”

Those values extend beyond honesty. Diaz demonstrates stellar customer service and dedication to her work, which is why she is being recognized in this quarter’s Employee Spotlight. She’s been with Affineco for two years now. She spent her first year at Greenwich Plaza and has since been relocated to 100 West Putnam.

“I knew I wanted her on my team,” Vasquez said. “What I like most about her is her sense of responsibility. The ones I really rely on get the job finished and finish it right.”

Diaz was born in Tiquisate Escuintla City, Guatemala. Today she lives in Port Chester, NY, with her two teenage daughters. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

“Not only here [at Affineco], but in the past,” said Vasquez, “This is not the first time I’ve noticed how close she is with her clients. She is always ‘service with a smile.’ She wants to make the environment she works in very comfortable. Her goal is [to be] so clean and neat that it brings peace to everyone inside.”