Employee Spotlight: Carlos Nique

By Marshall Hook

Employee-Carlos-NiqueCarlos Nique joined AffinEco about two-and-a-half years ago as a Director of Operations for the Red Team. At the time, he had two decades of experience in the building services field and was eager for new challenges. So, he reached out to AffinEco Managing Partner Paul Senecal to discuss possible opportunities.

“I liked his ideas and the way [Senecal] runs this company,” Nique said. “He knew me and I think he knew my potential.”

“As soon as I met Carlos the first time I knew he would be a good fit for AffinEco,” said Senecal. “I was very pleased when he reached out to me and glad we could bring him on to the team.”

In his current role, Nique has oversight of the day-to-day operations in and around Fairfield County. This includes managing a team of 200-250 employees servicing some 40 to 60 accounts. His approach to management includes an effort to always be fair and honest with those who report to him.

“I think I would be described as fair,” he said. “I don’t try to be a nice guy or a bad guy. I just try to be as open as I can.”

Jorge Jimenez, AffinEco Vice President and General Manager, is Nique’s direct supervisor and has been impressed with Carlos since he joined the AffinEco team.

“He’s definitely hard working and dedicated,” he said. “He’s the type of person you can count on.”

One of the main things that attracted Nique to AffinEco was the approach senior leadership takes to running the company. He spoke specifically about their team view of management, the openness of communication, and regular weekly meetings. In previous jobs, Nique said you were lucky to ever see the owners. It’s not the same here.

“We can express any issues that may come up,” he said. “They are willing to listen to you and provide plenty of help and guidance.”

Both Jimenez and Nique talked about a specific area where he has stepped up and made an important impact on the company.

“They needed someone to focus on union issues,” said Nique. “It was something I had worked on before and they knew I could be the right person for that.”

Nique prides himself on being able to diffuse issues before they reach arbitration. He has formed good relationships with employees and their union representatives.

“He’s been great dealing with union issues. We had too many people involved with the union. He took point on it and moved the ball forward,” said Jimenez. “No one had time to do that.”

Nique feels as though he has found a home at AffinEco and hopes to be a part of the team for a long time. He said AffinEco is particularly good at encouraging employees to grow in their positions and move up within the company.

“There’s always more to be done,” he said. “I’m hungry for more and they embrace putting people in a position to advance.”

His bosses see that future for Nique as well.

“Carlos is the future of the company,” said Jimenez. “It is very difficult to find people like him. I believe he has the opportunity to be something special. He shines. He’s the guy.”