Employee Spotlight: Daniel Alvarez

By Bill Barnhart

DanielAlvarez_photo3.175155501_stdDaniel Alvarez can’t do things halfway. The Premier Maintenance Area Supervisor puts a stellar amount of drive, effort and follow-through into everything he does.

“He’s my nominee for EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR,” said Operations Manager Sandino Cifuentes.

Sandino can’t say enough about his young charge, who has risen quickly through the ranks since starting as a fill-in cleaner in 2006. Daniel’s work ethic led him to be offered a full-time position in 2008, and he closed the year as a site supervisor. In 2009, Daniel became the area supervisor for Hartford-South, with about 90 people working under him. He oversees many large building complexes and works with building owners to correct any issues.

“I know what it takes to get the job done,” Daniel said. “I don’t like to leave things unfinished.”

“He started as a part-time janitor,” Sandino said. “Now he’s an area supervisor, one of four. He’s my best. He is very dedicated.”

A prime example of Daniel’s dedication to the company was on display over Memorial Day weekend. Suffering from extremely painful kidney stones, he was issued a three-day pass from work by the doctor. The problem was he is the person who normally sets the alarms after an overnight shift change on a five-building campus that Premier serves. After sleeping through multiple alarms because he was medicated, Daniel dragged himself out of bed and over to his task.

“It’s just the way he is,” Sandino said. “He enlisted the help of his wife to drive him, because he was on sedatives.”

Then Daniel contacted his boss, to let him know he had set the alarms, apologizing because it was later than normal. When praised for his efforts under difficult medical circumstances, Daniel said he didn’t “see it as something special.” Then he started talking about his employees, and how he looks good because of all their efforts. “Each individual is important,” Daniel said. “I wish I could mention every one of them. Each day, everyone does a great job.”

Sandino also shared a story about when Daniel saved the company payroll a few winters back. Sandino lives about 70 miles away from the office, and a bad snowstorm was preventing him from getting there to pick up the payroll checks when they were scheduled to be delivered by mail courier.

“Daniel took it upon himself,” Sandino said. “He came to my office and slept there, so he could be here to pick up the checks for everyone. That’s the kind of employee he is.”

Daniel also serves on the company’s Safety Committee and is certified in CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) training.