Employee Spotlight: Josie Delgado

By Marshall Hook

Employee_Josie_DelgadoAs 2019 comes to a close, Josie Delgado is nearing the end of her first year as a site supervisor in the West Hartford area. She began her career with AffinEco nearly four years ago and, at the time, had no real thoughts of moving up in the organization. But the quality of her work, her demeanor, and her attitude were so impressive that management couldn’t help but take note. She emerged as a natural for promotion.

“She was someone who was always on time and did great work,” said Jaime Perez, Delgado’s supervisor. “There was nothing we asked to her to do that she didn’t do, and do well.”

In her current role, Delgado is responsible for overseeing the work of seven employees across about the same number of buildings. Among the many qualities Delgado regularly displays, according to Perez is how she’s consistently the first person to dive in and do extra work when it’s needed.

“When someone else is sick or not at work, Josie will step right in and do all the work,” he said. “She is such a hard worker, and everyone sees that.”

But when Delgado first made the transition to a supervisory role, she and Perez both admit she was apprehensive.

“I was ready to try it, but I was very nervous at the beginning,” she said with a chuckle. “I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. But then things started to make sense quickly. I got the hang of it and I feel great now.”

Delgado appreciates how AffinEco believed in her abilities and saw her as someone worthy of promotion even when she didn’t see those things herself. She said she was more than happy doing her job before she was asked to take on more responsibility, but is grateful that the company saw something special in her and gave her the push to take on more responsibility.

“I never thought I could be a supervisor until they came to me. I couldn’t be happier that they gave me this chance,” she said.

When Delgado isn’t on the job, she’s busy keeping up with her schoolwork. At present, she is studying engineering at Manchester Community College. While she doesn’t yet know how her engineering degree will impact the work she does at AffinEco, she does envision a future where the two come together.

“Maybe there will be a time when I can use it here, but right now, I am in West Hartford and will keep working on getting better there.”

Perez said the qualities that he and the AffinEco management team saw in Delgado before her promotion continue to be hallmarks of who she is today, adding that she has flourished in the new position.

“The people who work for Josie love her. She has great communication with them every day,” he said. “And the customers have been very happy as well. Everything is working out great so far.”