Employee Spotlight: Mauricio Toro

By Bill Barnhart

Mauricio_Toro_edited.267230146_stdMauricio Toro likes things clean, sleek and smooth. If things aren’t that way, he makes them that way.

During his work time as Lead Porter at Waltham Woods Corporate Center in Massachusetts—a client of United Services of America, a division of AffinEco—Toro knows exactly where to go and what to do. That’s because he’s been working inside the complex’s two buildings for 11 years, the last three for United Services.

“Mauricio has been working at 880 and 890 Winter Street for a long time,” said Meghan McCluskey, Property Manager for CBRE New England. “He has a can-do attitude and is great with the tenants. He is consistently going out of his way to make the property better. He takes the initiative to go the extra mile without being asked. This property wouldn’t be where it is today without Mauricio.”

Mauricio-car.267230247_stdWhen he’s not at work or spending time with his wife Louisa and their boys; Anderson, age 11 and Jacob, age 2; Toro enjoys going the extra mile designing and building what he calls, “future cars, cars humans don’t make yet.”

Toro doesn’t mess around much with the engines; he’s focused on the exterior. He customizes the cars giving them a sleek look—like a cross between a car and a spaceship with rounded aerodynamic lines, which give the impression the vehicle is ready to blast off.

He is just as smooth taking care of the buildings on Winter Street in Waltham.

“With all my experience all these years, in the morning, I don’t have to wait. I know what the building needs,” Toro said. “I do everything I can to make my building look new.”

Toro began his career in commercial cleaning working part-time for UNICCO and so impressed a boss that she recruited him to work in hotel maintenance. That experience helped prepare the 30-year-old Toro for Winter Street, where he quickly established himself as an outstanding worker.

“Mauricio’s hard work is what sets him apart,” said Nolan Macario, Vice President and General Manager for United Services in Boston. “He is always ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to make the building and the management team look good. On many occasions, I have asked Mauricio to help out during weekend emergencies, and he never says ‘no.’”

Not only does he impress his bosses, but his dedication to his job and friendly personality in the workplace have made the tenants notice as well.

“When they see the person doing it,” Toro said, “they see there’s a high standard of cleaning all the time. This building is being taken care of in a high-quality way every day.”