Employee Spotlight: Melvin Duarte

By Marshall Hook

Melvin Duarte had already been working at 101 Arch Street in Boston’s historic Downtown Crossing neighborhood when AffinEco took over cleaning and maintenance services for the 21-story high-rise building. In the seven years since, he has moved up the ladder into the position of Lead Porter for the property and oversees a crew that works to keep the building in tip-top shape.

“I like the job I do and I like to deal with people,” Duarte said. “I like to talk to people, and everyone is nice to me. It’s a great situation.”

Duarte has been at 101 Arch St. since 2006, but found he had the opportunity to do more once AffinEco took the reins. He embraced the opportunity immediately and has flourished ever since.

With a group of about four cleaners under his supervision, he is in charge of the building during the day. Duarte is ultimately responsible for fulfilling work orders and communicating with building staff and his team to ensure everything is done in a timely manner and runs smoothly.

Marta Sequiera is an area manager for AffinEco and Duarte’s direct supervisor. She said she feels fortunate to have him on her team and that the people under him feel the same way.

“He’s a good team player and he’s always available to help,” she said. “He’s not overly bossy and is willing to pitch in to help his team get done whatever they need to get done.”

Sequiera added that one of Duarte’s signature traits is to be involved with whatever tasks need to be accomplished. Rather than delegate, he works directly with his staff to complete jobs as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

“He is a pleasant person to work with, humble and calm,” Sequiera said. “His personality helps him dealing with people.”

Sequiera is the one who instantly saw promise in Duarte when AffinEco took over 101 Arch St. Working diligently as a cleaner at the time, she found him to be a perfect candidate for promotion.

“He’s like my right hand and makes my life so much easier. When I need something, I just need to call him,” she said. “I don’t need to come to the property to make sure it gets done, because I know I can trust him to see it through.”

With that in mind, Sequiera is intent on helping Duarte advance in his career. Currently, one of his goals is to become a handyman/engineer. The two have been working together toward Duarte achieving that vision as soon as possible.

Duarte is married and a father of three. He said his desire to keep working and advancing at AffinEco is to provide for his son and two daughters. That and, of course, because – in his words – “I love my job.”

“I’ve worked in different places, and different buildings, and for different companies,” he said. “But I feel very fortunate to work for AffinEco now. I love being part of the team at 101 Arch.”