Employee Spotlight: Omar Garcia

By Matt Ellis

Omar Garcia pic_edited

Last year, while most of America was enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends, Omar Garcia was preparing to start a new job. It was November 27, 2014 and Garcia was in Bridgeport to begin work as an Area Supervisor for AffinEco. A longtime building services veteran, Garcia had signed on for a night job with AffinEco while keeping his day job as a facility manager for Southwest Community Health Center, a Connecticut nonprofit health center with six sites in Bridgeport.

Wayne Cullen, AffinEco Operations Manager for the Stamford to West Haven district, says he got familiar with Garcia because Southwest Community Health is an AffinEco client.

“That’s how I got to know him and saw the kind of person he was. I introduced him to [AffinEco Vice President Jorge Jimenez] and Jorge was impressed,” Cullen remembers. “One day Jorge and I were talking about filling the position of Bridgeport Area Supervisor and we thought Omar would be the perfect guy for the job.”

Cullen cites Garcia’s incredible thoroughness, as well as his professionalism, as qualities the company was seeking in an area supervisor.

“When he goes into a building to check the cleaning, no one comes close to his level of attention to detail,” said Cullen.

If you ask Garcia how he approaches the job, he says, “I want everything perfect and make sure it is that way.” It’s why he believes customers in the Bridgeport area buildings he oversees are consistently satisfied.

Garcia manages 23 cleaners every night and provides reports on the work that’s done to Jimenez and other senior AffinEco managers after each shift. Cullen says Garcia’s crews consistently do excellent work. And that’s gratifying for Garcia. “On the job, I see the employees all doing the right thing and that makes me happy,” he said.

If there are problems, Garcia jumps right in. According to Cullen, Garcia is the kind of manager who respects his workers and listens to them. And, if a crew is shorthanded, he rolls up his sleeves and gets cleaning. He acknowledges he will do whatever he must to get the job done.

When he’s not working, Garcia enjoys time with his 7-year-old daughter. When he is on the job, he is focused on making sure things run as smoothly as possible. He says he’s instituted some changes to how his buildings are serviced and he is proud of the improved results—buildings are clean and people are happy.

Chances are Garcia will always remember Thanksgiving as the day he began working for AffinEco. Cullen says the company is thankful Garcia jumped on board.