Employee Spotlight: Omar Tobon

By Bill Barnhart

Omar_Tobon_cropped.268213616_stdSuccessful companies can always point to their go-to employees—those who shoulder extra responsibilities and step up to ensure customers continue to receive excellent service. Omar Tobon of Premier Maintenance is one of those employees. This past summer, when a site supervisor position was vacant, Omar assumed that job in addition to his own: heading up the busy Hartford East region.

His operations manager says he had no doubt Omar could handle the extra assignment while the company searched for the right candidate to fill the open job.

“Omar is the kind of guy who doesn’t say much and just takes care of business,” said Premier Maintenance Operations Manager Sandino Cifuentes. “Over the summer, he was acting site supervisor for seven properties in West Hartford Center in addition to his own responsibilities as area supervisor and did it effectively and professionally without missing a beat.”

Five years ago, Omar joined Premier Maintenance and was assigned to a property in in Farmington, CT. Sandino says it didn’t take long for Omar to impress his supervisors. One year after joining the company, an area supervisor position opened, and Omar went for it. He now has nearly 30 people working under him.

“Hard work always,” said Omar, who is single and lives in New Britain. “I try to do the best I can. I like the teamwork, being in constant communication with my co-workers, people, communication with Sandino. Helping everyone work together as a single thing.”

“I consider myself fortunate to have Omar as a member of our Operations team,” Sandino said. “Of course his hard work and dedication is always appreciated. He quietly takes care of business day-in and day-out.”

With the site supervisor position now filled, Omar will step in to oversee training that person even as he shifts focus back to his “other” job.