Employee Spotlight: Reggie Robinson

By Bill Barnhart

Reggie_RobinsonHard work, common sense, and being in the right place at the right time are keys to success in any job. Add those traits to kindness, care, dedication, and an outgoing personality – you’ve got someone special. Reggie Robinson is just such an employee.

“Reggie is a long-time employee of ours who is always courteous, accommodating, and hard-working,” said PMI Vice President and Branch Manager Sandino Cifuentes. “As a Day Porter, he has lots of daily interactions with visitors and customers alike, and he greets everyone with a smile and goes out of his way to help in any way he can around the office buildings he polices and maintains on a daily basis.”

Robinson shifted over to his Day Porter position at Blue Back Square in September 2017, and has already succeeded in making friends and earning high praise for his work.

“Most important to me is that he has such a good attitude,” said Area Supervisor Jaime Perez. “He is very polite, very courteous.”

The Hartford, CT, resident has been working for Premier Maintenance (PMI), a division of AffinEco, for 12 years, after moving to the U.S. 23 years ago from his native Barbados.

After getting laid-off from a previous job, he reached out to one of his old co-workers whose son worked for a cleaning company. That son turned out to be an outstanding PMI Area Supervisor named Daniel Alvarez, who was highlighted in a 2013 AffinEco Employee Spotlight. That connection was a great foot-in-the-door for Robinson.

He started part-time for PMI, four hours a day, at 3 Waterside Crossing in Windsor. From there he moved across town to 200 Great Pond Road, where he became a valued member of the team and stayed on for eight years. After short stints at 777 Main Street in downtown Hartford and in Mill Pond Village in Broad Brook, Robinson ended up at Blue Back Square in West Hartford.

“My first cleaning position was at home in Barbados,” Robinson, who is 65, said with a chuckle. “I learned a lot about cleaning at home.”

As a Day Porter at Blue Back Square (65 Memorial Road), he starts off in the main lobby, getting that cleaned to a very high standard because it is the first impression customers and guests get when they enter the building.

“I start over on Memorial Road, clean all the glass; make sure the lobby is nice. Mop it and keep it dry,” said Robinson. “You want people to enjoy their visit, so the lobby is the main thing. It’s the first thing they see. You want to represent your company, be proud of what you do. You want to make it clean and comfortable for all the people there.”

As he meets the people who work in and visit building, he is outgoing and friendly, focused on delivering top-notch attention to the company’s clients. After finishing his daily tasks in the main building, he does the same work in the neighboring building.

“I am always getting compliments on his work and his disposition,” said Cifuentes. “And he certainly is a model employee who represents AffinEco’s values, such as excellent customer service and dependable quality work.”

“It’s just how I am,” said Robinson. “When you work with people, you want them to be comfortable. You also want to show off what your company does and set a good example. I like to be kind to people.”

In his time away from the office, Robinson enjoys tinkering with electronics such as computers and televisions. He is not currently married but has four adult children.

Robinson has played cricket since he was young and also follows basketball and tennis – especially when the Williams sisters are playing. He also loves “Road Tennis,” a high-speed variation of the sport that originated in Barbados and is played on a smaller-sized street court. The games are among the ways Robinson relaxes, when he is not giving it his all at work.