Employee Spotlight: Reiyamil Cruz Centeno

By Bill Barnhart

Reiyamil_Cruz_CentenoIt didn’t take very long for Reiyamil Cruz Centeno to make an impact at his new job, or to earn recognition from the leadership team at AffinEco.

“I met Reiyamil a few months ago when AffinEco took over the BLT properties at Harbor Point in Stamford,” said Operations Director Sam Rodriguez. “I was really impressed with his friendly personality, dedication and positive attitude toward the many work challenges he faces every day and night.”

Centeno works during the day as a porter, and at night as a supervisor. Having started with AffinEco just four months ago, he stepped up big under difficult circumstances in early June when an electrical fire at 100 Washington Boulevard in Stamford damaged the front lobby of the building. Centeno took the emergency call around 2:30 a.m. and hustled into work.

The lobby had been damaged by smoke and fire extinguisher residue, but when the building occupants’ staff started showing up for work a few hours later, little trace of the overnight drama and damage could be seen.

“Thank you for your quick action in getting cleaners to the building,” wrote Teri Byrne, Property Manager for BLT Management to Centeno’s boss, Jorge Jimenez. “The lobby looked like normal by 8 a.m., with very little evidence of the fire and fire extinguisher residue remaining. They did a great job.”

It wasn’t an easy task.

“There was a lot of smoke,” said Centeno. “On the walls, the floor … it was a big mess.”

But Centeno, who lives in Bridgeport, made short work of the cleanup so that the building’s five tenants could go about their work normally, as if there hadn’t even been a fire in the front foyer.

“We didn’t have too much time,” Centeno said. “It was a fight with the clock. We needed it to be all set for all the different companies.”

Mission accomplished for the 32 year-old Puerto Rico native, who came to the US two-and-a-half years ago. He started working as a cleaner for multiple BLT properties before catching on with AffinEco.

“Despite having very long days and working more than 60 hours a week, Reiyamil has never been late or absent, and he tackles new projects and emergencies with the right attitude,” said Rodriguez. “Plus he’s taken the initiative to start English classes to improve his communication skills.”

Centeno said his work keeps him busy, but in his spare time he enjoys watching baseball and basketball. He also has two girls, ages 10 and 7.

Of AffinEco and his fellow staff, Centeno said, “It’s a really nice company to work for. I’m very happy with the guys (I work with) and the company.”

The feeling is mutual.

“Reiyamil is a very dedicated and proud worker. It is a pleasure to work with him,” said Rodriguez.