Employee Spotlight: Richard Vallejos & Eloisa Oliva

This quarter, AffinEco leadership has chosen to shine a spotlight on two outstanding employees who exemplify the company’s values and standards.

Richard VallejosRichard Vallejos
By Matt Ellis

Leadership, responsibility, dedication and hard work. These are the qualities every company looks for in its employees and they are exactly the qualities the PTA at the Norwalk, CT Public Schools cited in a letter to school janitor Richard Vallejos. The letter, dated last November and immediately placed in Vallejos’s personnel file at AffinEco, thanked Vallejos for taking quick action when a serious incident was discovered.

On Thanksgiving morning, school officials were alerted to racist graffiti that vandals had spray painted on the façade of the building. When Vallejos, who has been working at the school since 2015, came to work on Friday morning, he also saw the graffiti, and immediately set about removing the hateful message from the wall. As the letter from the PTA pointed out, “Before receiving any sort of direction, you took action to remove the message early on Friday morning. Thank you for your quick action and concern.”

We spoke with Vallejo recently, and he downplayed the incident. “I was just doing my job,” he said. “That’s part of my job. If someone needs help, I help. That’s what I do.”

Jorge Jimenez, an AffinEco Vice President and Manager of the Norwalk Public Schools account, says Vallejos is an extremely responsible and motivated employee. “The letter from the PTA says it all,” Jimenez says.

Vallejos came to the United States 26 years ago from his native Peru. He’s been working for the United Services division of AffinEco for the last five years and says he enjoys his work at the Rowayton School because of the teachers and the kids.

Even before he took to erasing the hurtful graffiti that was in contrast to the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, Vallejos’s work was being noticed by the school community. According to the letter, “In addition to your leadership and high level of personal and professional responsibility, you are also a trusted team member with staff at Rowayton School, other AffinEco staff and most importantly, the students.”

Eloisa OlivaEloisa Oliva
By Bill Barnhart

Providing a safe workplace for its employees is high on the list of priorities at AffinEco. As a result, Eloisa Oliva has an extra $400 for one of her favorite hobbies, shopping. In February, she captured the top honors and prize money for AffinEco’s ongoing Safety Bingo program.

“Since I’ve been working for the company, safety has been one of our main priorities,” says Oliva’s supervisor, Leonor Jimenez. “The Safety Bingo program is a great motivator for the employees and keeps the safety regulations present. By winning the bingo, Eloisa showed she is consistent [knowing and following safety procedures].”

“We had a guy come over and do training, with videos on safety in the workplace,” says Oliva, a 63-year-old cleaner at BLT 800 Long Ridge Rd in Stamford, CT. “It is important for the company and us to keep the employees safe.”

The top prize for the latest contest, which started in January, was $200. But the amount could be doubled if the winner had all the safety messages down perfectly, which Oliva did. “I felt very happy and excited to win,” she says.

Oliva started her tenure with AffinEco nearly a decade ago on the recommendation of a friend. Her first assignment was working at 3001 Summer Street in Stamford Square. She has settled into a nice routine at her current assignment at Long Ridge Road, normally working the 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. shift.

“The dusting and leaving everything clean,” says Oliva, when asked what she enjoys most about her work. “This is an honest, worthy and honored job.”

“Eloisa is an employee I can rely on,” says Jimenez. “She has been working in the building for 5½ years. She does a good job at maintaining the cleanliness of the offices and kitchens of her area. She is a respectful and punctual employee, is detail-oriented and always on-task.”

Oliva lives with her husband in Stamford. She was born in Guastatoya, Guatemala. She has three grown children, Edwin Escobar, Lesbia Escobar and Liliana Escobar. In addition to shopping, she enjoys spending time at home and working out at the gym.