Employee Spotlight: Salma Raidan

By Bill Barnhart

Salma_Raidan.174175451_stdCan a building have a personality or a soul? Is it possible for a building to have a parent?

Salma Raidan is definitely the “mom” at Concord Meadows Corporate Center in Concord, Massachusetts. The building is owned and operated by Normandy Real Estate Partners, a new client for United Services, a division of AffinEco. After just six months with United Services, Raidan is being recognized for her outstanding contributions as Day Matron at this location.

“She is totally the mom there,” AffinEco Director of Account Services Samantha DeMagistris said of Raidan. “She really is. She’s the heart of the building. The building just wouldn’t be the same without her. It might still be clean, but it just wouldn’t be the same.”

Raidan began her position at Concord Meadows in 2004 under a different cleaning and maintenance company. When AffinEco took over cleaning services at the property six months ago, Raidan was retained on a 30-day trial. It didn’t take long to see what kind of an impact she has on the building and its occupants.

“I have worked with Salma for close to six months now and I am continuously impressed with her work ethic and positive attitude,” said Normandy Assistant Property Manager Shannon McDonough. “Salma is reliable, diligent and always follows through with whatever needs to be done. She truly is an asset to the building as she makes this a better place to come to work.”

With an assistant to help clean the lobby, windows and bathrooms, Raidan’s work takes her all over the nearly 450,000-square-foot building. She interacts with everyone along the way. Like the TV show Cheers, Raidan knows most of the regulars by name, as they know her. She enjoyshelping others and putting extra effort into her daily tasks.

“I have my routine,” chuckled Raidan. “We’re not engineers. We keep the building nice and clean, and if the clients need anything, we do whatever. I’ve been here 10 years, and I’ve always asked if there’s something I can help out with. I give them my opinions on things. I do my best to help them like it.”

McDonough agrees that Raidan does her best. “Salma always goes above and beyond. Like recently, when one of our building engineers was changing out dispensers in the bathrooms and cut his hand on the metal, Salma stepped in to help him finish the job. She’s also a great teacher for the other cleaning staff. When her co-worker had trouble remembering certain things when he first started, Salma wrote it out on a white board to help him memorize it and stay on track.”

DeMagistris cited Raidan’s efforts during a minor flood as another example of her dedication and exceptional service. A situation that could have turned out much worse was handled efficiently and with minimal negative impact. It’s just one of the many reasons DeMagistris appreciates Raidan.

“We started here in December,” DeMagistris said of AffinEco’s involvement with Concord Meadows. “Salma was highly recommended by the building staff. We love her.”

For her part, Raidan is pleased with the praise, but humble about her role. “I just take care of the building. The thing I like most is dealing with the tenants. Everybody knows my name; everybody talks to me. It’s a good place to work.”

Raidan lives in Hudson, MA. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and painting, as well as listening to music.