Employee Spotlight: Samantha DeMagistris

By Bill Barnhart

Life probably could not get much more hectic for Samantha DeMagistris. But it is about to anyway.

Just 30 years old, the Walpole resident has already become the Director of Account Services for the Boston branch of United Services of America (a division of AffinEco), helped lead that branch to a successful introduction in a highly-competitive market, earned a seat on the Board of Directors for BOMA Boston, and holds green building certifications from both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and SFP (Sustainable Facility Professional).

She’s also managed to find time to run the Boston Marathon (three times and counting, raising over $20,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society), be a Big Sister, travel and work as a volunteer helping seniors and kids.


“It’s very busy,” DeMagistris said of United’s efforts in establishing a presence in Boston, which is where she started in May 2013. “It’s very fast-paced, but I like being busy. I thrive in chaos. I’m good at multi-tasking.”

Things will only get crazier when DeMagistris and her husband Nick welcome their first child, due in August. “It’s a little crazy,” DeMagistris confessed. So add prepping the house and their lives for a new child into the mix.

If there’s any question DeMagistris has the skills, experience and knowledge to handle the challenge, one need only ask her manager. General Manager Nolan Macario knew DeMagistris before he came to work for United, and said bringing her in was part of his business plan. The plan paid dividends when DeMagistris helped reel in two prestigious accounts within her first six months.

“We’re still developing the brand in Boston, still building the client base,” DeMagistris said. “The first year was tough, all about getting out those bids. But we’ve grown a lot. It’s going very well.”

DeMagistris came to United plugged into the Boston market, as she had worked in the city for Capital Paper Recycling. While there, she helped the company capture a more than 80 percent market share. Around that time, Macario came calling with a job working for United. The move has paid off. United is now working with such clients as Normandy Real Estate Partners, Colliers, TripAdvisor Boston, Babson College and AAA.

“I’m very detail-oriented,” DeMagistris said. “I do well with customer service. It’s all about developing a relationship with the client. That’s the big thing. We provide everything to our clients.”

DeMagistris got her first job at age 15 and has been charging forward ever since. She received her college degree from Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.