Jack Perry is Diamond Scholarship Winner

By Matt Ellis

Jack_Perry.326102641_stdThe winner of the second annual Diamond Scholarship is Jack Perry, who is now wrapping up the first semester of his freshman year at Western Connecticut State University.

“We were very impressed with Jack’s efforts to improve his grades between his sophomore and senior years of high school,” said Michael Diamond, president of Premier Maintenance. “It was clear to us how he got on track so he could get accepted to a good college.”

As a senior at Immaculate High School in Danbury, Jack earned the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants 2011 Outstanding High School Accounting Student Award. In his scholarship application essay, Jack wrote, “I am a very hard working and determined student when it comes to academics and various other things that I enjoy doing such as community service. I have put in more than 400 hours of community service over the past four years in order to play an important role in helping others in the community.”

Richard Perry is Jack’s dad. He has worked for Premier for 36 years and is now semi-retired. He was thrilled to learn Jack won the scholarship. “I’m so proud to have him for a son,” Perry said.

His mother, Joan, remembers advising Jack to take an accounting class in high school to help him “balance his checkbook.” At the time, she said, she never thought Jack would eventually pursue accounting as a major in college.

Last year, Premier launched the Diamond Scholarship for the children of its employees. Diamond believes it is a wonderful way to create incentives for employees and reward their children’s academic efforts. The scholarship is applied to one year of the student’s college expenses.