Janitorial Services

Keys to our Success:

1. Smart Connections Empower Our Teams

Successful teams need to communicate clearly and effectively. AffinEco outfits supervisors and managers with Web-enabled smartphones and tablet computers ensuring they have an efficient system to communicate with employees, senior managers and customers. These tools also enable online inspections, GPS tracking, safety training and timekeeping. Through these efficiencies, we deliver superior customer service and productivity.

2. Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is one of our core competencies. We began instituting green cleaning practices and procedures a decade ago. We were the first company in Connecticut to be CIMS-GB certified, earning the designation Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building Certified (CIMS – GB), awarded through ISSA, the world’s largest cleaning industry association.

3. Synchronized Cleaning System™ (SCS)

SCS is the groundbreaking janitorial workflow strategy we devised to improve our efficiency and productivity, decrease your costs and boost results for you and your building occupants. It represents a significant departure from the way conventional companies perform. Using SCS in over 1.5 million square feet of facilities, we have increased our productivity 25-60% while also improving quality and appearance. This engineered approach allows us to design all cleaning tasks to be as efficient as possible and to customize that design for your individual building.

AffinEco crews work systematically to complete tasks in ways that provide three primary benefits to you:

  1. Lower maintenance services costs
  2. Reduced energy and water consumption and costs
  3. Improved indoor air quality

AffinEco Services Include:

Commercial Cleaning – We provide high level care for corporate headquarters, hedge funds, and multi-tenant office buildings. We customize each service delivery plan to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. Our Synchronized Cleaning System™ has three primary customer benefits:

  1. Lowering the cost of janitorial services by improving productivity
  2. Lowering electric and water utility cost for the buildings
  3. Improving indoor air quality

Ask us about Synchronized Cleaning.

Sustainable Cleaning – We were the first in Connecticut to be CIMS-GB certified. We utilize systems to reduce water and power usage and are committed to using chemicals and equipment that reduce the carbon footprint.

Day Cleaning – Day Cleaning offers customers financial and environmental advantages, including tenant satisfaction, improved building security and energy savings. Ask us if Day Cleaning is right for your building.


Window Washing – Our crews are highly trained and respect our three goals of safety, productivity and quality. We are equipped to work on many types of facilities utilizing scaffolds or chairs.

Window Caulking Services – An outgrowth of our window washing services, caulking has quickly grown and complement our abilities. We can provide this service in conjunction with window washing or on its own.

Healthcare – Our years of experience cleaning medical facilities gives us a firm grasp of the requirements these types of facilities need. Our staff is fully trained medical waste handling. We will create a healthy environment that is comforting for employees, patients and families.

Educational – From restrooms to classrooms, AffinEco provides cleaning services for private schools and colleges to keep the campus – and the school’s image – spotless.

Multi-Family Residential – Multi-family properties have numerous responsibilities. We offer concierge, doorman and porter/matron services. You can trust our staff to be friendly, professionally uniformed and respectful.

Concrete Repair and Deck Coating – Concrete is one of the most durable materials ever developed, but will crack and need repair at some point. AffinEco has the technical and operational experience ability to make sure that your parking areas and structures are safe, restored and rejuvenated.

Parking Lot Care – Cleaning of the parking lot with a power sweeper. Maintain the elevators, stairwells and ramps. Remove and clean oil stains and power wash in the spring.

Concierge Services – We not only greet and open doors for tenants but we also announce visitors, inform them of their mail and packages and ensure no unauthorized guests enter the building.