New Business Roundup

By Matt Ellis

business_growth.8133114_stdIt’s traditional to offer Good Tidings during the holidays, and for the team at AffinEco, the offerings have translated into a New Year with new business. According to Managing Partner Michael Diamond, AffinEco is beginning two significant new contracts in January 2014.

Since expanding into Massachusetts, AffinEco has been working hard to grow its footprint in Greater Boston. The efforts have paid off. “With only 24 months since officially opening our Boston office, we have added over 1 million square feet of new business and now have new contracts representing an additional 1.5 million square feet,” said Nolan Macario, vice president and general manager for the Boston Region.

Beginning in January, AffinEco will provide full janitorial services for One Beacon Street, a 36-story office tower in the central business district. Built in 1972, the building is owned by Beacon Capital Partners and has a Version 4 LEED certification, which means it must comply with U.S. Green Building Council rules that include instituting a high-performance green cleaning program and using green products and materials. Having established its green cleaning credentials in Connecticut and New York, AffinEco is able to step in and offer One Beacon the necessary expertise to maintain compliance with the LEED certification.

According to Macario, “AffinEco has the right platform to build a substantial janitorial services presence in Boston,” which is a value proposition building owners and managers want to hear.

Normandy Real Estate Partners is one major owner that’s listened. Based in New Jersey, Normandy owns and manages Concord Meadows Corporate Center—a 422,674 square foot, first-class office building at 300 Baker Avenue in Concord, Massachusetts—about 20 miles from downtown Boston. AffinEco’s contract to provide green cleaning services at 300 Baker Avenue began on December 31, 2013.

“Picking up two significant properties at the beginning of the year like this is a great testament to our team in Boston and their commitment to our clients,” said Managing Partner Paul Senecal. “If the word momentum has any real meaning, 2014 should be a good year.”