Safety Bingo

By Sue Minichiello

Bingo.268212731_stdThis summer, AffinEco established a new program to promote the well-being of employees. “Safety Bingo” is designed to help focus attention on issues of safety on the job. Here’s how it works: Employees are issued Bingo cards. When they clock in for their shift each day, they are given a safety message and a Bingo number. If an employee gets Bingo (by completing a row, column or diagonal of accumulated daily numbers), he or she wins $100. If the employee also can repeat the safety message that corresponds to each winning bingo number, the prize money is quadrupled to $400. This increased reward further encourages employees to retain the essential information in the daily safety messages.

Here are the first winners of AffinEco’s Safety Bingo program:

6/20/13: Washington Espinoza-Bridgewater

7/25/13: Catherine Nazzaro

9/10/13: Martha Alao

To support the program, future newsletters will feature a Safety Bingo column highlighting recent winners.