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Navigating the Legalization of Marijuana and Its Role in the Workplace

By Glenn A. Duhl, Esq. Because marijuana use has become more widely accepted, most states around the country have ushered in new laws legalizing its use. While marijuana use may be legal, employers are within their right to prohibit use “on the job” or to prohibit their employees from working under the influence, just as

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AffinEco Leverages the Power of its Partnership with Pritchard Industries to Benefit Customers

By Matt Ellis Members of the AffinEco leadership team traveled to Miami recently for a meeting with Pritchard Industries, the building services provider into which AffinEco merged in 2022.  Beyond discussions about the latest technologies designed to improve building maintenance, or methods to achieve greater environmental sustainability, the get together enabled AffinEco’s senior managers to

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Employee Spotlight: Sandra Otalvaro

By Leigh Blander Sandra Otalvaro loves going to school every day. She is AffinEco’s head custodian at the Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy in Norwalk, CT, and was recently praised by leaders there. An email from a school official to AffinEco’s corporate office called her out as one of the company’s “top performers,” and asked that

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AffinEco Unveils New Program to Track Employee Training

By Katie Brace AffinEco is further increasing its commitment to safety with a new software program that tracks employee training. “We want our people to be safe,” said Michael Diamond, AffinEco President. “We want to make sure we are being as timely as we can and have the right system to back up that we

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Leaders Make the Difference

By Leigh Blander Much of AffinEco’s success can be attributed to the strength of its managers, who oversee the company’s 5,000 employees. Two great examples of managers leading by example are Nolan Macario, VP of Operations based in Boston, and Jorge Jimenez, General Manager and Sr. VP of Operations based in Stamford. Both men “started

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How AffinEco Managers Improve Their Teams

“I show them what they need to know” By Leigh Blander One of the reasons AffinEco has earned a reputation as an outstanding building service provider is its managers. The company has created a culture where managers are more like mentors who coach their employees to learn more and advance their careers. “I try to

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