Founding Principals

Trust / Integrity

AffinEco teams work exceptionally hard to earn your trust. We instill the values of trust and integrity within all of our employees and apply these values in all we do.  We believe that it is not enough to only produce great results, we must also demonstrate each and every day that “doing the right thing” is not just an overused phrase but rather a fundamental part of our overall success.


We are committed to being reliable not only because it is right but because it is “good business”.  Reliability, like trust enhances customer retention.  Keeping you as a satisfied customer is much easier than finding a new customer.  To this end, our teams are well trained and coached to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations which is our definition of reliability.


We teach our staff to demonstrate respect for themselves and for those with whom they work and interact.  You can rely on them to be this way even when situations are most demanding.  Our Management teams also lead by example and reward achievement in this regard. The result is happier and more productive employees who stay with our company for an average of 4 years in an industry with a turnover rate of nearly 300% per year.

Safety & The Environment

Every AffinEco employee is fully trained in safety protocols and green cleaning methods before beginning any job.  This training is reinforced daily with all employees using a unique safety message delivery system that promotes a culture committed to safety. In addition to rigorous safety training, our staff employs sustainable cleaning practices to reduce the use of electricity, save water and improve indoor air quality.  We were the first building service contractor in the region to be certified to Green Building Standards.


AffinEco was among the first providers to utilize technology to empower our teams and improve efficiency. We are constantly looking for customized and “innovative” solutions to your challenges.  Solutions that are designed to seamlessly resolve any problem, allowing you and your customers to focus on business.

Customer Communication

Building sustainable relationships through effective communication and listening differentiates us from other service providers for we are able to consistently discover and respond to any and all of your needs and concerns.  Our teams communicate clearly and effectively. AffinEco outfits supervisors and managers with web-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, ensuring they have the tools required to proactively communicate with you & your staff, AffinEco management and co-workers. These tools are also used for online inspections, GPS tracking, safety training and timekeeping.

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